Barbecue Brisket Bruschetta



2-4 tbsp Exquisite Garlic olive oil

 Amazing leftover barbecue leftover brisket from Southside Market Barbecue

1/3 cup BBQ sauce (another Southside Market Barbecue favorite)

3 tbsp. creme fraiche sour cream or thick Greek yogurt



Slice baguette spread lightly with Exquisite Garlic Olive Oil

Lightly toast on both sides of baguette

Shred brisket, add olive oil to skillet, and heat brisket

After warming meat, add BBQ sauce (amount is determined by your unique taste)

top each slice with BBQ shredded brisket, top with a spoonful of sour cream or Greek yogurt

Garnish with cilantro

Click the links in the recipe to create this delicious recipe with not only the brisket, the BBQ sauce is another fan favorite!